The Walking Dead – The Carol & Hershel Episodes

The Walking Dead - The Carol & Hershel Episodes

I was loving so much that untrusting Rick took Carol on his trip to town.

I thought, awesome: good time for them both to be honest with someone. Not that Carol ever had a problem with honesty – once her PoS husband kicked it, she morphed into this no-bullshit-take-me-or-leave-me Carol.

When she directly challenged Rick about waiting for the shoulder guy whose name escapes me (did he have one?), it would have been the perfect time for him to reassert himself as leader, which is clearly what she wanted him to do. And so he did – by showing her the door. I didn’t see that coming. We knew Rick was not pleased with Carol’s course of action, but to tell her to leave the group? I understand that Tyrese would have had a problem, had he known that Carol killed Karen, but since when are we such sticklers for honesty in this prison?? I don’t see how it ever would have come out – the only people who knew were Rick and Carol. So, I am suspicious – is Rick going to systematically drive out all the members of the original group? At any rate, Carol is not dead, but she will be missed. Again.

Hershel should be nominated for sainthood, if there were actually anyone left on earth to saint him. The undertones of ‘Jesus’ are a little obvious: healing the sick, not getting sick himself, etc. The shot of him reading his bible at the end purposely pointed in that direction, I’m sure. I am fairly ‘unreligious’, but firmly believe everyone has to have something to cling to, be it whatever. And I can certainly see how someone, when faced with the end of the world as they are, would move closer to those beliefs. So you go, Hershel.

He has such a calming effect throughout the whole season, as well as last season. Even when he was telling the group to get off his land, he did it with such factual calmness that I actually started to believe he was right. Now that he is in quarantine and helping cure the sick as well as kill the subsequent walkers it would seem that at least Glenn will  survive; I think the only other two are Sasha and little Lizzie (I am having trouble keeping all the new people straight this season – if I am wrong feel free to correct me!).

This episode was sadly mostly Daryl-free. That should never happen again.

What do you think of the season so far?? Comment below!

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