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Salute to Supernatural Vancouver Convention 2013 - J2 Day!

By Stacey Gillard Sunday is always the most popular day of the convention with Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) and Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) making their appearances. Many fans show up just for this one day and this year was no exception. Our J2 experience started out, as it always does, with photo opportunities with the two stars of the show, at which point we realized they were in high spirits

Salute to Supernatural Vancouver Convention 2013 - Friday Panels

By Stacey Gillard August 23rd marked the beginning of Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural Vancouver convention. Although not the biggest convention, “VanCon” has a very special atmosphere as it is the home of the show, so many crew members come and hang out on their days off. Richard Speight Jr. was the host of the entire weekend and did a great job warming up the crowd before panels, introducing the guests

Salute to Supernatural Vancouver Convention 2013 - Saturday Panels

By Stacey Gillard After crawling to bed in the wee hours, the fact that Saturday panels started at 9.40am on Saturday was not overly exciting, but we all made our way to the grand ballroom for Richard’s introduction of Co-Executive Producer Jim Michaels, his first appearance at a Creation event. While it was his first time as a guest, he had dropped in to VanCon just 7 weeks into his

Matt taking photos with fans at the Karaoke Night || ©CKinzie

One of the things I always look forward to at “Supernatural” conventions is speaking with Matt Cohen. He was great on “Supernatural” as Young John Winchester but beyond that; he is a really great guy. Matt always seems to be the one who takes a moment to say “hi” to a fan who looks shy. During karaoke, he’s always quick to jump in and help if someone looks a little

Richard and Matt: A Perfect Match

Day two of the Supernatural Convention in Vancouver brought attendees Richard Speight Jr. and Matt Cohen.  These two have developed the kind of rapport on stage that is an absolutely pleasure to watch.  They have little digs at each other, and even turn the tables on fans.  If a fan is brave enough to ask these two a question they may all end up on the stage together.  Turn around

Lucifer Has Big Balls: Supernatural Convention Karaoke

If you’ve ever been to a Karaoke run by Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester) and Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel) then you’ll be aware of how difficult it is to describe.  The actors volunteer their time to head on stage and lead a karaoke session with everyone.  Yes.  Everyone is invited to karaoke whether they have a ticket or not.  If you’ve never been lucky enough to attend one then you

Hard Crime, starring Matt Cohen, Gabriel Tigerman, & Richard Speight, Jr.

Hard Crime Written & directed by Lee Ehlers Starring Matt Cohen, Gabriel Tigerman, Richard Speight, Jr., Mandy Musgrave, & Kathryn Fiore Hard Crime is the grizzled tale of Detective Vick Hammer (Matt Cohen), the world’s toughest cop, as he and his wet-behind-the-ears rookie (Gabe Tigerman) race to stop a maniacal genius (Richard Speight Jr) from taking over the world. Help them get it made by donating to the Hard Crime Kickstarter campaign today!!!