Supernatural – Season 8 Premiere

Supernatural - Season 8 Premiere

I barely know what to say.

Not sure how I feel about the vibe so far. Dean is giving off ‘Future Dean’ vibes – angry, beaten, defiant, vengeful; all at the same time.

And yet, he cares about Kevin Tran.

I know it’s only the beginning. Still makes me nervous. I understand he’s mad at Sam, I would be too; even though they agreed to go on without each other, they never REALLY did. But Sam really did. He quit everything. Like he was supposed to.

I have hopes of coming back to the Winchesters of seasons past, but I know that’s not possible. The more the characters are exposed to, the further and further away we get. And that’s what growth is all about, isn’t it? Moving on, maturing, honing our skills with each experience we have.

Experience changes people. That’s not exactly what people want in television characters, but I think I like it. It’s like any change, it takes getting used to. But we’ll bounce back, just like Dean who had no trouble diving into a cheeseburger like he always would.

And Kevin. Supernatural’s newest hunter’s helper? I love it. We lost Bobby, we lost Castiel…with no leviathans to gank, there won’t be any more alphas and kings of hell vying for an opportunity to help the Winchesters. A recurring helping hand is nothing to sneeze at, especially one who happens to be a prophet who can translate the word of god. I really hope that happens.

To send all the demons back to hell forever or not? While it’s a delicious idea, and a wonderful way to rid the world of all evil, that’s also exactly the problem. Without evil, do people start to lose sight of what good is? Good becomes normal, thus becomes bland and mediocre, and ultimately bad. Because no one is ever happy. I’d have to think long and hard about that – no silver lining ever comes without a giant cloud.

I have a feeling this is going to be an intense season. I hope it’s coupled with a return to a little bit of the lightheartedness we lost last season, with the focus being on the Winchesters simply trying to stay alive, and eradicate some leviathans along the way.

I think we all need some time to sink our teeth into it; I know I do. And really, I would love to see more of this Benny guy. I need to know more about all that.

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  1. Fantastic view points!! I totally agree that the changes to the characters are necessary cos life would do that. I’m really interested to see where the PTSD is going to take Dean. I think their relationship is going to be good. Dean’s pissed, obviously, but I think one thing to come out of last season is their ability to talk issues through rather than sulk.

    I’m very excited about the whole season and I think it just got off to a stellar start!


  2. Great review! I had the same reaction. Was a little stunned at first and had to think it all through and re-watch the episode. I love the way it all looks. Stellar effects, gorgeous cinematography, colors, lighting. Love how Sam’s flashbacks are all candy colored and Dean’s are almost with no color at all. Both brothers have a lot still to tell and explain about their year apart. I was frankly taken aback at first by the discovery that Sam seemed to have made no effort to find Dean at all. It seemed out of character until it became clear that both brothers went to a familiar extreme when they were forced apart. Sam turned his back and walked away and Dean embraced his inner killer instinct. Not all that different from what we learned in the very first episode of the very first season about these boys. So yes, a lot of changes and a lot of familiar themes. I know that I want to see what happens next. I can’t walt to discover all the layers of this story as they get peeled back. I don’t think I have felt so invested in the story of Supernatural since season 5. And yeah, that Benny guy…!


  3. Insightful as always! The first ten minutes were overwhelming…we were tossed into Dean coming back immediately with little drama. Suddenly Sam and Dean were meeting up…wait, wait, slow down! I was almost disappointed, maybe the source of your apprehension?!
    As the flashbacks and “zingers” happened, I felt better. I’m hooked on how each character’s past stories will come out. I’m already invested more than last season… that wonderful feeling is back. Dean was pissed that Sam didn’t try to find him, I was pissed at Dean in how he brushed over Cas’ demise, and how Sam just accepted it. I was giddy at Crowley being truly evil again as he snapped Janet’s neck; I’m totally intrigued with Benny; and as my other half said “it’s creative again!” I think Carver is not going to disappoint!


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