Supernatural – Season 8, Episode 9 – Citizen Fang

Supernatural - Season 8, Episode 9 - Citizen Fang

Don’s back. That was a side-plot twist I didn’t see coming. I suppose, though, they had to get reluctant Sam back to Dean’s side somehow.

Sam has been using Martin Creasor (Hi Uncle Rico!!!) to track Benny. What is it about Benny that I adore so much? It must be the Louisiana – something about that accent makes me happy.

Sam and dean have been at cross-purposes since pretty much the beginning of the season, when Dean returned from Purgatory and discovered that Sam hadn’t looked for him – Sam had no idea where to start, but that’s just not how they do.

When Sam finds out that Benny is a vampire, he’s out for blood – no pun intended. I like Benny, but even I have to admit that Dean can’t live by two sets of rules. He killed Amy for being a monster – eye for an eye, right? Sam’s argument was that Amy had killed her mother to save Sam’s life; Benny did much in Purgatory to save Dean’s. Dean killed Amy, Sam wants to kill Benny. revenge for Amy? Maybe; probably more like forcing Dean to live by his own rules, whether they suit him or not.

Dean agrees they should check up on Benny in Louisiana, but he doesn’t really have any intention of letting anyone kill him. He only went to monitor the situation and keep Benny alive.

Back to the Amelia situation for a minute. Ordinarily, I do not mind the ‘flashback’ sequencing of filling in a story. It seems to be happening a lot this season though. I like finding out about the Amelia story, but not sure I am in love the length and frequency of the flashbacks. And what’s with Don asking Sam to back off and let Amelia figure it out for herself, then moving in on her himself? And of course Sam is the bigger person and leaves the two of them there. It’s always just easier for Dean and Sam to move on, isn’t it? No sense in fighting for a life you never really had in the first place.

On the plus side, considering I don’t much like Crazy Martin, how happy was I that Sam ditched him to go to Amelia? He knew what his end was going to be though, when he held Elizabeth hostage until Benny arrived.

As for the ending – I had a different opinion in mind before I rewatched it. Now I don’t know if I believe that Benny killed Martin – I know it looked like gashes on Martin’s neck, but those could have been from a knife too; I think Elizabeth killed him, to save Benny. We haven’t seen or heard from Benny yet…I think she killed Martin when she found out Benny was her grandfather (just as an aside, did anyone notice that Elizabeth (Kathleen Monroe)  is the mother who drowns her changeling daughter in Season 3’s  The Kids Are Alright?)

I also think Dean is going to make it look like Benny is dead though…so Sam will leave him in peace.

Dean swapping Amelia’s phone out for a burner? A very uncharacteristic loose end. Sam had left her long before Dean reappeared. How would Dean have gotten her phone? Someone, please – if I have missed something or you have a theory help me out!!

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